Practice Philosophy

In our office, patients will be treated by me much the same way I would treat one of my own family members.  When evaluating treatments, ordering tests, or referring to a specialist, the overriding question always is “Would I want this for myself, my parents or my children?”

During office visits we’ll have the opportunity to establish and build a lasting therapeutic relationship – one that will positively impact your health and sense of well-being.

I believe in treating existing disease aggressively, using evidence based medicine, the most recent medical developments, and technology where appropriate.

Whether you feel well, are looking to monitor an active healthy lifestyle, preserve quality of life, or you just want to make sure you are “up to date,” I’ll focus heavily on preventive medicine strategies.  During your visit, we will discuss and implement the most current research to maintain optimum function.  Benjamin Franklin said it best:  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Please contact us at 203-384-2227 to schedule an appointment.