Food Sensitivity

(Not to be confused with Allergy Testing!)

Food and food-chemical (food coloring, preservatives, etc.) sensitivities are highly complex, non-allergic, non-celiac, inflammatory reactions.

Food sensitivities can play a primary or secondary role in numerous medical conditions:




Crohn’s disease/ulcerative colitis




Depression/other mood disorders



Metabolic syndrome


Chronic fatigue syndrome




And many others!!!

– Reaction manifestation may be delayed many hours after ingestion

– Reactions may be dose-dependent.

– Any food can trigger an inflammatory response in the body.

– The key is to know which specific foods and food chemicals trigger reactions for each specific person – and then to design an eating plan to eliminate reactions!

Common Features of Food Sensitivities

1.         All diet induced inflammatory reactions cause mediator release (chemicals that are released from white blood cells.)

2.         It is this chemical mediator release that triggers your body’s negative side effects! And reactions!

3.         Chemical release can cause inflammation, tissue damage, pain, swelling, muscle contraction, excess mucus, etc.


It is the above mediator /chemical release from white blood cell populations that we take advantage of in testing and determining food and food chemical sensitivities.

Mediator release corresponds to volumetric changes in the white blood cells these chemicals are released from.

The tests identify and measure subtle changes in the white blood cell populations these chemicals are released from.

Mediator Release Testing is a functional measurement of diet-induced sensitivity pathways – Quantifying the negative inflammatory responses to foods and food chemicals.

The testing identifies not only inflammation provoking foods, but also one’s BEST foods (Most highly tolerated).

Dietary/eating plans can be customized based on results to improve and even eliminate negative effects from foods and their associated sensitivities.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mediator Release Testing (MRT), and you think one or more components of your diet many not be agreeing with you, schedule an appointment and get tested!