Kara Ganssle, MS, CNS

Kara Ganssle recently joined Dr. Bard’s office as a nutritional consultant. She endeavors to assist patients with improving their overall health by helping them achieve goals related to weight loss, diet, blood chemistry, and increasing energy levels.

 Kara graduated from Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts where she earned a B.A. in Psychobiology. Upon graduation, she worked directly with children affected by severe autism. It was through this experience where she identified the correlation between diet and its direct consequences in mental disorders. Inspired by the power of nutrition, she enrolled in the University of Bridgeport’s Human Nutrition Institute, from where she graduated with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition.

Kara has taught weight loss classes to woman throughout Fairfield County. It is her belief that the central factor in advancing one’s health is through education on the subject. Kara’s comprehensive knowledge base allows her to touch on a variety of topics that will aid her patient’s nutritional progression. Kara is deeply motivated to help her patients work towards a more healthy self!

The office is committed to patients overcoming nutritional challenges which serve as impediments to daily living. Please contact the office if you are interested in meeting with Kara.

While in the office, you may also want to measure other aspects of your health status, including:

 1.    Body Fat Percentage

2.    Recommended Daily Caloric Intake

3.    Metabolic Age

4.    Visceral Fat Rating

5.    Body Water Percentage

This can be done alone, or in conjunction with a consultation with Kara.  Please call (203)384-2227 if you would like to schedule an appointment.