We’re excited to be working with a company offering world-class ENERGY, WEIGHT-LOSSNUTRITION, SPORTS PERFORMANCEGENERAL HEALTH, and WELLNESS products.  They carry something for everyone, no matter what your lifestyle or health goals may include.  

The company is ADVOCARE, and we’ve become affiliated with them because they provide superior products that reflect the latest, most up-to-date scientific knowledge and use exceptionally high-quality ingredients.  They work with an internationally recognized group of experts, scientists, and physicians on their scientific and medical advisory board to design and improve their products.

 The 24-Day Challenge

The 24-Day Challenge is a comprehensive supplementation and nutrition program.  If your looking to jumpstart a weight loss program, and give your body the “kick” it needs, this is it.  The Challenge targets weight management, energy, overall body composition and overall wellness.  Most people have had success with this plan and we encourage you to try it!  As always, please consult your physician before beginning any weight loss program.

Advocare’s multiple product lines include:


         Weight Loss

        Meal Replacement Shakes

        Metabolic Enhancers


         Ever Popular SPARK Energy Drink

        Protein Bars

        Protein Drinks

        Rehydration Drinks




        Omega 3’s


        Joint Formulas

 Performance Elite

        Exercise and Strength Supplements

        Muscle Formulas



        Anti-wrinkle Creams

        UVA/UVB protection